PC or Laptop Mot

PC or Laptop Mot only £40.00

Is your PC or Laptop feeling a little tired, sluggish or run-down? Does it seem to lack the vitality and zest it once did?

Then it probably could do with an MOT.

It is important in-order to prolong the life of your system, that you regularly keep it running smoothly and keep it dust free. The PC MOT a popular service and is basically a full health check for your computer.

Over time:

  • Your disk drive becomes full of spyware, viruses, and temporary Internet files
  • When you install software, temporary files get left behind that clutter up your PC
  • When you remove programs they don't always un-install properly
  • Most PCs have programs and applications that run in the background that you never use! They use system resources and degrade the performance of your machine
  • Dust collects around the vents in your PC that draw in air to cool the system and this gets sucked inside clogging up components, and in severe cases, creating electrical shorts on components and damaging your machine
  • If all of this is not kept in check, over time your system will slow down and not perform as it should

For a fixed price of only £40.00 I can

  • Perform Anti-Virus/Spyware scan & delete threats
  • Download & install critical windows updates
  • Specialist system and hardware tests
  • PC start up check - determines what programs are starting up with your PC
  • Registry scan and repair
  • Perform a hard drive clean-up & removal unwanted or obsolete files
  • Install driver updates for hardware devices
  • Check firewall status/settings
  • Ensure all inside components and cables are secure
  • Full internal and external system valet
  • Provide a report detailing work done and any recommended upgrades

I'm sure your PC is not quite as bad as this example, but you could be surprised!